Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sashimi Salad

If you are counting calories and love seafood,
this is for you!

Now here is something that takes no time to make. You might think this is an absolute no brainer but you would be suprised how often I am asked on my MySpace page how this is really put together. For that reason I will explain for you here.

Now if you have access to Japanese Markets you can likely buy prepared sashimi. If this is not the case have no dispair. Check with your local fish dept for Sashimi grade fish or see if by chance they have a basic sushi section where you can ask the person making it for just the fish.
If that's the case you will want the following fish:
  1. Salmon
  2. Ahi or Yellow Tail Tuna
  3. Mackrel
  4. Roe - if available
Refrigerate. Use a good spring mix of leaves. Often you can find pre-packed mixes in local markets. Do not use mixes like for Ceasar Salad.

A good thing you can add is white crystal noodle as seen here.
Combine elements in the logical order. Remember, presentation is part of any good memorable meal.
Serve with any Sesame/Ginger dressing. And top with a hint of furikake ( roasted seasame) or use thinly sliced nori seaweed strips used for sushi that you can find in any Asian section.

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