Saturday, October 3, 2009

Salmon Salad

Here's something that's easy to do.

Whether you are in Japan or here in the States you can always find some basic essentials to produce a Japanese or a Japanese inspired meal. Whichever case, you'll need some basic ingredients.

  1. Salmon Fillets
  2. Spring Leaves
  3. Dried Seaweed
  4. Ginger Dressing
  5. Green Oinions

Now you may or may not have access to a Japanese market like I do. If that's the case all hope is not lost!
However many chain markets do carry a generic Asian Section in which you may be able to locate the things you need.
One such item I like to cook with is Miso-Yaki Marinade from Japan. This is important when grilling fish or poultry.
If you do not have Miso-Yaki nearby check for some basic Miso-Soup paste in your local refrigerated section or Asian section. Once you make your miso, marinate your fish for three hours. Your best choice of salmon is Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Grill it over an open flame and detach the skin. The skin can be used in the salad or as a seperate side you can have with or without rice. The Nikkei at my martial arts dojo say the skin is the best part.

Now going back to our salad!
It is a matter of choice to add green oinions. I personally love them in many of my meals so if you want to follow my lead carefully slice the oinions and add sparringly. Now when I say use Spring Mix leaves I reccommend the prepackaged Spring Mix you can find at any market. Now if you are in Japan you obviously won't find a bag of salad with that label. Any good mix of leafy greens will do. Another item is Furikake which is dried roasted seasame which you can find in many Asian sections on the West Coast and certainly in Japan. Now if that is not available ground pepper will do.

Another item to add is Wakame which is dried seaweed. This is easily found throughout Japan and in Japanese markets here. You may also find it some Asian Sections. If this is not available try slicing Nori in thin strips. You can find Nori wherever they sell items to make sushi. Now if you have enough of these elements together you can put this all together.
This may not be authenticly Japanese but this is a low calorie meal you can make here or if you are in some place in Japan and can not make out the kanji. In any case you will survive and might even be as satiusfied as everyone I have served this salad to. Enjoy!

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