Saturday, October 10, 2009


For the record, Mabu Tofu is not a Japanese dish. It even says so on the box. But there we were one morning cruising the Nijiya Market in Little Tokyo after our visit to the Koyasan Betsuin when we came across this little culinary curiosity. As in markets in Japan there are always girls giving away samples of the latest to offer. This looked good enough to try and so what the hell we thought. We tried it and were instantly hooked.

So going back to one of the primary reasons we post this blog was to show you easy Japanese inspired cooking whether you are here or there or frankly in the mood for something that’s not going to cost you much. This falls into that cheap and easy to make yet very tasty category.

Here's a photo of the product so you can easily identify it.

Mabu Tofu is actually a Chinese dish that comes in pseudo-Chinese packaging that is made in Thailand and covered in Japanese Kanji.

Apparently this is popular among the local Nisei so what’s good enough for them is good enough in my household and so can be in yours.

So if you would like to give this a try here’s the simple and easy low down on how it’s made.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  1. 1Box Chinese Mabu Tofu Sauce
  2. 1lb Ground Beef / Chicken / Pork
  3. 14 0z Tofu
  4. 1tsp of Vegetable Oil
Now if you have everything you need, then let's get started!

Drain the Tofu and cube into small squares.
Heat the oil in the skillet and brown the meat. This takes no time at all.
Once the meat is browned you should be good to add the Mabu Sauce.
You’ll want to stir and simmer for a couple minutes.
Lastly, add the tofu and gently stir & simmer.

This takes no time at all to make and should serve about 4.
I recommend serving a vegetable side dish for a nutritional balance.
Serve and Enjoy!

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