Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Omusubi Update!

Yokoso! It’s been a little over four months since I started this little cooking blog. Up until now I have had a small stream of visits here and there. But last month’s post on Omusubi evidently was a big hit. So big in less than two weeks time I have over 1000 visits even surpassing my American Mishima writing blog. Even bigger yet that I am appearing on Google's first listings for Omusubi. Well what can I say? So far so good and no complaints! Whew! I had previously mentioned that my Omusubi went over big at the Shinkendo Dojo among the Real Japanese and to my relief it was also a hit at the Buddhist Temple. Boy was I relieved! So with that I would like to take a moment out to thank everyone for visiting my little page. ども ありがとう ございます! いってらっしゃい =)

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